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Throughout Ontario, our employers have won big new contracts, so they’re building…and hiring!

Our 6 field locals and our province-wide shop local want to hear from you, whether you are experienced, or want to begin a very rewarding career in an apprenticeship program.

If you‘re an experienced Ironworker, we especially want to hear from you! All locals are currently welcoming applications and interviewing candidates who want to be part of upcoming projects.

Preference will be given to candidates who have experience in the trade, including Welding (must hold all-position certification for SMAW or FCAW), Placing Rebar, Structural or Pre-Engineered Buildings, Curtain Wall as well as in the Manufacturing Sector.

Earn While You Learn!

Men and women wanting to begin their journey to a life-long TRADE – and are not just looking for ‘a job’ – are welcome to apply as well.

Successful applicants can expect industry-leading wages, comprehensive benefits, and an employer-paid pension, in addition to all the necessary training and certification that you require.

Shops and Manufacturing

If you’re currently in a non-union Shop or Manufacturing facility and want to be represented by Ironworkers Shop Local 834 – with better pay, pension and benefits, equality, health and safety – please apply.

Want to take your Ironworking career to the next level? Apply NOW!

The Ontario District Council has more 110 years’ experience in securing the BEST terms of employment for our members. Let us make sure you get the great wages, benefits and pension, that you deserve for your hard work!

Please tell us you're interested!

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