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By filling in the form on this page JUST ONCE, you can apply to 1 or more of our Ironworker locals in Ontario and the Maritime Provinces. You can also tell us you want to be an apprentice.

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Items labelled in red must be filled in.

Please select which Ironworker Local or Locals you would like to apply to by completing just this ONE application. Select as many of the following as you wish:

Ontario Locals
  Thunder Bay
  Ontario-wide shop local

Maritime Locals
  Nova Scotia
  New Brunswick
  New Brunswick (Shop)
  Newfoundland and Labrador
First Name:
Last Name:
Postal Code/ZIP:
Country if not Canada:
Email address:
Repeat email address:

Primary Phone #1:
Area Code: Number:

Backup Phone #2:
Area Code: Number:

Are you a Canadian citizen?  

Provincial Journeyman or Equivalent Experience,
OR Interprovincial Red Seal?  

Are you currently a member of an Ironworkers Local?  
    If Yes, which Local?  

Are you currently a member of a Union OTHER THAN the Ironworkers?  
    If Yes, which Union & Local?  

Structural Ironworker  
Reinforcing Ironworker  
Machinery Rigger
Shipyard Rigger
    4-position CWB?
Curtain Wall /Window Installer
Pre-Cast Erector
Ornamental and Misc Ironwork
Metal Building Systems Erector
Wind Turbine Erector
Metal Fabrication (shop)

Trade Qualifications (trade & other tickets, etc):

Do you have the following certifications:

Fall arrest certification
Man lift certification
Current CSTS safety certification

Years in Trade (enter 0 if applying as apprentice):  

OR Not working right now:
Previous Employer:
Previous Employer:

I want to begin or continue an APPRENTICESHIP in the following trade: (Check your preferred trade and fill out as much of the rest of the form on this page as applies to you):

Structural Ironworker  
Reinforcing Ironworker  
Fabrication (shop) Ironworker  

If already an Apprentice, what year?:  

Work Experience
(Employers, length & type of work, etc):

How many weeks before you can go to work?:  

How did you hear about our recruitment campaign?

kijiji.ca ad 
craigslist.org ad 
Ironworker co-worker told me 
Different Trade co-worker told me 
Family member told me 
Google/other search engine 
Newspaper Ad 
ONLINE advertisement 
Name of website:  
Other (please explain):  

Other Comments:

Before we accept your application, we want to make sure you are clear about two things (below). Please click the "I understand" buttons below each statement, and we'll automatically accept your application.

Applying is not a guarantee of work from our Locals. They bring in new members only when their existing membership can't handle our employers' need for more people. When that happens, they'll look through past applications to find an applicant with the skills and experience our employers need at the time. The first 'match' gets the work.

I understand.

As you know, the construction business goes in cycles. Depending on employer demand and local construction activity, even if you are qualified and experienced, it may take a while before our Locals have to look outside for new members. Please be patient, and PLEASE DON'T CALL OUR OFFICES to 'just check up' on the status of your application. We don't have the staff to handle those calls. We WILL call you when you are needed!

I understand.

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